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#62 - My Money is My Security for the Future
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I worship another god. Money gives me security. Money pays my expenses. Money rescues me in an emergency. Money will be there for me in retirement. Money is my gift to my children and grandchildren. Money buys me happiness. Without money, I am anxious and stressed. Please forgive me. You are my security. You will meet my living expenses. You will be there for me in an emergency. You know my needs and You will provide for me. Father, You take care of those who have confessed their rebellion from You. You take care of those who have repented and surrendered their lives to You. Father, money will fail me. It is not God like You are. It cannot do the miraculous like You do. It cannot truly comfort and love me like You do. It does not transform me like You do. Money does not think, speak, or act. It is not alive like You. Father, You want us to have faith, to trust You when situations are difficult. If we have no money and no credit and need a car, You want us to know You are bringing a car to us. It may not be a Porsche. It may even be used. However, it will get us from point A to point B. Father, forgive me of my idolatry. You are God and money is not. May I trust in You alone for my security, regardless of how little money I have. Amen.

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