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#67 - May My Belongings Serve You
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, Jesus Christ did not have any possessions. He didn't think of a possession as something that gave His life meaning or value. He had no concern that His possessions improved His standing in society. Possessions didn't speak for Him. Therefore, I ask that my possessions don't speak for me. I ask that my possessions don't increase my standing in the world. Instead, I ask that my possessions serve others, especially others who are searching for spiritual rescue. May my possessions relieve people of the stress that distracts them from Your truth. May my possessions comfort and encourage others. May my possessions build trust and friendship with those who are seeking answers to life. May my possessions become simply tools for Your Kingdom and not statements about me. Father, if You would like, lead me to sell my possessions and give them to the poor. Or, Father, may I be known as the guy in the Aston Martin who picks up the homeless off the street. I take them to my mansion where I clean them up, give them skills so they can be employed, and set them up with a place to live. Father, if I am going to have things that speak of my wealth, may my character use those things to serve the needy and lost. May I be that rich man or woman who is known for using his or her possessions to refresh and restore the poor. May I give credit to Jesus Christ alone when I do that. Amen.

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