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#69 - I'm Enslaved by My Sinful Heart
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I know I am a rebel from You. I know I have lived as my own god. I know I have doubted Your character. I know I have worshipped other gods. I have been enslaved by my rebellious heart. Father, this desire to rebel against You is so strong. It is with me every hour of every day. It is with me every few minutes that I go without thinking I need Your help or counsel. Father, surely it is right when You say my thoughts and intentions are rebellious all the time. We are all that way. There is no one who is not a rebel from You. Father, I want freedom. Break the chains of my rebellion. Father, I confess my rebellion. I repent of it. I surrender my life to You. You will be God and I will stop trying to be one myself. I will trust You are who You say You are. I will not worship anything or anyone else but You. Father, I will know a new freedom the moment I truly understand that I don't have to try to be god anymore but I will trust You to be my God. Your Holy Spirit will come into my life and begin to transform me. I will begin to experience a mysterious peace and joy. Father, I will continue to have moments of rebellion until I pass from this earth but my rebellion will no longer dominate my heart. Thank You, Father, for freedom. Thank God Almighty I am free at last. Amen.

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