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#74 - I'm a Victim of Life
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear God, it's my parents' fault. It's my children's fault. It's my siblings' fault. It's my teachers' fault. It's my pastors' fault. It's my friends' fault. It's my coaches' fault. It's my spouses' fault. It's my in-laws' fault. It's my bosses' fault. It's my co-workers' fault. It's my state representatives' fault. It's my neighbors' fault. Heck, it's even the presidents' fault. Everyone has conspired against me to make my life miserable. Everyone around me is incompetent and I get hurt by it all. Everyone around me is careless and self-centered. If the people in my life were perfect, I could be the person I was meant to be. You can't hold me accountable for my conduct because the people around me aren't who they should be. Therefore, I quit. I'm not going to be responsible for my life. It's all Your fault for making these people so mean. Don't expect to judge me some day. I've got an extensive list of people to blame that I want to share with You Father, these are excuses not to obey You. I don't want to obey. These excuses attempt to absolve me from all responsibility for my actions. It is rebellion. It is my attempt to be my own god. Please forgive me. Help me to stop feeling like a victim. I need to do the honorable things regardless of how other people treat me. Help me to see all the brokenness in the lives around me and to have compassion on them. I am a channel to others for Your love. Amen.

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