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#75 - I'm a Hypochondriac
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I worry about my health continually. Oh no. I've got another symptom. It's horrible. I need a doctor. I need medicine. I need to go to the hospital. Another ailment. Another disease. Another catastrophe. Father, there are core beliefs in my heart that fuel this mind-set. - First, I am weak. I obviously cannot stomach adversity. I cannot live with discomfort. I cannot experience any pain. Father, the aches and pains I complain about may be what You are using to strengthen me spiritually and emotionally. - Second, my focus is on myself. The world revolves around the suffering in my life. Friends and family are to come to my rescue. Their problems pale in comparison to my problems. I am god and the people all around me, as well as the medical community, must give me tender attention. - Third, I don't trust You. I must worry. You are not in control. Things will be horrific. I've got to tackle even the slightest of physical discomforts because they will grow into huge problems under Your incompetent watch. Father, forgive me of my idolatrous focus on my health. It is appropriate to concern myself with legitimate and known serious ailments. I can take those to prayer because You are a God who cares about our diseases and You long for us to heal - spiritually first, emotionally second, and physically third. However, may I no longer rebel against You by creating medical crises just for the sake of wanting to be the center of attention. Amen.

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