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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
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#76 - It Could Be Worse
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear God, I hate it when people tell me my life could be worse. I feel like screaming and telling them to shut up. They don't have the problems I have. If they walked a mile in my shoes they would know how hard my life is. My plans haven't worked out and my dreams are dead and buried. I'm in pain. I'm poor. I'm lonely. I'm exhausted. I can't take this suffering anymore. My life can't get worse than it is. Father, I know I'm blind to spiritual reality. Burning lakes of fire aside, hell is the place where You are absent. Because You are absent, there is no compassion. No mercy. No generosity. No kindness. No love. No friendships. No family. No doctors. No hospitals. No fire departments. No police. No stores. No jobs. No sunshine. No warmth. No breeze. No air. No sports. No rest. No food. No water. No beautiful scenery. No trash pickup. No flushing toilets. No electricity. No pets. No charity. No comfort. No hobbies. No pleasure. No military to protect us from foreign threats. No education. No music. No television. No movies. No games. No smartphones. No Internet. No wine and beer. No birthday cakes. No light. A cut never heals. A broken arm is never repaired. Eyesight is never corrected by eye doctors. The worst place to be is where Your grace is absent. Father, all the things in this world that we enjoy are present because of Your grace and mercy upon us. It is Your common grace, extended to all people, whether they believe in You or not. Hell is the place where Your common grace is absent. Father, no matter how horrible my life is today, I'm not in hell. Literally. I'm alive. There is yet hope for me. Father, things could be far worse than they are. Forgive me for complaining about my life. Amen.

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