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#77 - I'm Greedy and Idolatrous
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am worshipping things other than You. Money. Power. Prestige. Influence. Fame. Comfort. Pleasure. I will have happiness and peace of mind when I have a large bank account. I will have happiness and peace of mind when I am feared, admired, and respected. I will have happiness and peace of mind when I am living in luxury. Give me more money, more power, more prestige, more influence, more fame, more comfort, and more pleasure. Life is about me, to glorify me. As is fitting for any god, the people around me need to make sacrifices for me. They are to give to me the things that I want. Father, it is greed. It is arrogant. It is narcissistic. It angers You. Father, forgive me for my rebellion. You are the only one deserving of worship. Help me smash my idols. Father, replace my greedy heart with a heart hungry to give to, sacrifice for, and serve others. May I be spiritually rich in Christ, willing to be poor, powerless, and inconsequential in the world's eyes if that is what honors You. Amen.

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