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#81 - I Love to Appear Wealthy
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I love to talk about my car. 300 HP. 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. It can go 170 mph. My 49'-foot yacht has a state room. My mansion is worth over $ 2 million. Father, why do I love these statistics? They enable me to be compared favorably with other people. The other person has only a 200 HP car. Their boat is only 25' long. Their home is worth only $ 1 million. I am wealthier. I am a better god than the other person. Yes, I am wealthy, in my mind, because I created my wealth. I worked hard to build my wealth. I'm smarter and more skilled than all the little people. Father, I know that attitude is wrong. That kind of talk is foolish. You own all things. You loan certain things to us for a season before they are taken away from us. It is You that generates and sustains our wealth. You certainly don't allow us to be wealthy so that we believe ourselves to be better than other people. You certainly don't allow us to be wealthy so that we can enjoy a better standing in society. You certainly don't allow us to be wealthy so that we lack generosity for the poor, buying even more expensive toys instead of giving to people in need. Father, being wealthy is a dangerous place to be in spiritually. It is so easy to think we created our own wealth. It is so easy to think we can buy anything we need and, therefore, we don't need God. It is so easy to think our value comes from our social standing. It is so easy to think the poor deserve to be poor because they didn't make the right decisions that we made. Father, rather than celebrating the statistics of my wealth, I go to my knees, thankful for Your generosity. I cry to You for help as I face the oppressive temptation to think my wealth proves I'm my own god. I implore You to use my wealth in whatever manner most advances Your kingdom. Amen.

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