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#82 - Guard the Hearts of the Wealthy
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, there is a continuous song that speaks in our hearts. "I am my own god... I don't need God... I can manage my life on my own..." It is continuous. The song plays every moment. It is the sound track from a demonic band we cannot escape. Wealth intensifies the sound. "You have the money... Do anything you want... You can be a god..." Father, wealth is a dangerous spiritual place to be in. I may never realize I need You. I may never understand my human limits. I may never think of everlasting consequences. I go throughout my life with my headphones on, listening to that infernal song. "You are your own god... to the end." Father, a wealthy man or woman who has surrendered their life to You can do much good in society. They can invest in projects that advance Your Kingdom. They can give to ministries who serve people in need. They can open doors of opportunity for the poor. I ask You to guard the hearts today of all the wealthy in our land who love you. Silence the song of rebellion in their ears. Keep them humble. May they know their lives and possessions depend on Your favor. May they be compassionate and generous. May their hearts break for the poor. May they be thankful for the blessings they have received. May they save many lives because they have surrendered their fortunes to Your service. Father, guard their hearts from that horrible song. Amen.

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