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#83 - Can I Do More to Help Myself Than I Am?
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am poor. I am disadvantaged. I lack resources. I lack skills. I lack connections. I am needy. Therefore, I am dependent upon the generosity of others. Father, I thank You for Your generosity. I thank You for Your mercy. Wealth and poverty are roles in the play of life. They are two different characters in the same scene. The wealthy draw nearer to God by caring for the poor. The poor draw nearer to God by modeling humility, perseverance, and godly character in the hardships they face. Tim is rich and Tom is poor. It can easily be reversed. Tim may one day lose his wealth while Tom gains wealth. It will then be Tom's responsibility to care for Tim. Father, we have roles to play in life in whatever place we are at. Rich or poor, we are to honor You. Father, in my poverty, help me to model Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a servant to all. If I'm going to model Him in my poverty, I need to be a servant to the rich. I'm to live to refresh their lives. I'm to do what I can to get back on my feet, to experience financial stability, so the rich don't have to continuously fund my existence. If I am to love like Christ taught me to love, I must work hard to become self-sufficient (always prayerfully depending upon You) so that I can relieve the wealthy of the burden of my care. One day, when I become wealthy, it will become my responsibility to support a poor person until the day they become self-sufficient. Father, help me to do more to help myself so that I don't remain a burden to the wealthy one hour or one dollar more than I need to be. Amen.

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