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#84 - I Love Alcohol
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, it's been party time. Beer. Wine. Vodka. Whiskey. Rum. Tequila. Liquor. Gin. Rum. Champagne. Ale. I have loved them all. Alcohol at every occasion and every occasion imaginable created to consume alcohol. I've been drunk, tipsy, intoxicated, inebriated, blasted, crocked, gassed, juiced, sauced, and smashed. Father, people know me as the party-animal, the guy or gal everyone wants to watch drunk. I do and say things I'd never do without the alcohol. I become a different person. Why do I do this? Father, deep down inside I don't like who I am. I am very insecure and I feel like such a failure in life. I'm uncomfortable with the state my life is in. Therefore, I want to be someone else. Alcohol does that for me. When I'm toasted, I am somebody else. When I'm hammered, I have escaped from my self-hate. Father, the more I drink, the more it indicates how much I hate who I am. Father, this is all idolatry. I am turning to another god, alcohol, to rescue me from how poorly I think of myself. However, every false god is demonic. It is not surprising that my obsession with alcohol causes disease in my body. It causes me injuries. If I am a woman of child-bearing age, it can cause birth defects in my children. It damages my emotional and mental health. It damages my relationships. It can kill me. Dear Father, I am a rebel from You. I want to be my own god. I doubt Your character. I worship alcohol. Forgive me. Now, help me repent. Help me surrender my life to You. I cannot defeat my craving for alcohol. I need You to do that. Father, fill me up with thanksgiving and gratefulness for what You have done for me. Fill me up with the love of Jesus Christ. Fill me up with a desire to love others. Father, make me sober. Help me to never allow alcohol to rule my life again. Amen.

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