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#90 - I Lack Courage
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, every human is afraid at times. We wouldn't be human if we were not. We face death. We live in a world of disease, war, pestilence, and famine. Daily Internet news reports are frightening. We are mortals, limited in ability, vulnerable to evil and nature. Fear will be with us until we die. Courage is to move forward into a fearful situation because You ask us to trust You. Fire fighters are fearful walking into burning buildings. Their fear is going to be their friend, helping them take all the precautions necessary to save their lives. It is courage that causes them to rush into a burning building despite their fear. They do so because they have determined that saving another human's life is worth the risk. Courage begins with strong values and compelling beliefs. Courage has its roots in a cause worth dying for. Father, if I lack courage, I may not think I have something in my life worth dying for. Why aren't You worth dying for? Father, I have the God of the universe with me. I should be courageous. If You aren't the God in my heart that You should be, I need to confess and repent of my rebellion. I need to surrender my life to Your service. When I do, I will have a cause worth dying for. I will find myself with a new courage that I've never experienced before. Father, help me to confess and repent and then lead me to a place where I battle through my fears with courage. Amen.

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