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#91 - Pride, Arrogance, and Narcissism
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, Your Word speaks of the sin of human pride. It angers You. Many humans believe pride is something good. Songs are written about pride. Counselors encourage struggling young people to have pride in themselves. Those who walk in alternative lifestyles are encouraged to be proud of who they are. The coach tells his team to be proud to wear the jersey that has won so many championships. However, the pride that You can't stand is rebellion. Mankind has said: We are god, just like God. We will choose right and wrong for ourselves. We will do as we please and live our lives without God's influence or involvement. When we die, and come before You, we will be sure to say 'sorry, sorry, sorry' and then everything will be fine. Father, pride is when we think we are our own god and we dare to defy Your authority. Arrogance is pride that believes we are better than others. Narcissism is when we are so proud and arrogant that we don't mind hurting others to achieve our selfish purposes. Father, Your Word says blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. The meek repent of their desire to be their own god. The meek do not expect others to cater to their every whim. In fact, the meek long to serve others. Father, I want to be meek, like Jesus Christ. Drive out the pride, the arrogance, and the narcissism in my heart and mind. May I serve You, the only true God, to Your honor and glory, loving the people You have brought into my life to love in Your name. Amen.

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