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#95 - I Am Unteachable
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have been in the school of life for years and years. I've learned about nature. I've learned about the world around me. I went to Sunday School. I listened to sermons. I attended Vacation Bible School. I went to a Christian school. I was involved in youth group. I have attended church regularly throughout my adult life. I have read Your Word. You have provided for me throughout my life. You have protected me. You have answered prayers. I have every reason to believe that You are the only true living God. I have every reason to believe that You are the perfect, pure, just, righteous, holy, sovereign, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God. I have every reason to believe that no other god but You can satisfy me. However, I continue to doubt You. I fear the worst when things go wrong because I doubt You. I try to figure out solutions on my own. I act like You are a disengaged spectator of my life. Father, You bring adversity into my life to wake me up, to remind me that You are there and that I desperately need You. However, I continue to rebel each day of my life. It is the auto-pilot. It is the norm. It is standard operating procedure. It is what I do in my sleep. Father, Your Word says that our thoughts and intentions are evil all the time. I believe this is true. Father, I'm asking You to teach me to live in a new way. I'm asking for You to finally get through my thick head that I need You to be God and I need to be Your servant. Father, make me teachable. Amen.

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