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#96 - I'm Nostalgic
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, things were much better in the past. Our society and our leaders were God-fearing. People were not only kinder but they wanted to be law-abiding good citizens. The economy was better. We felt safe from foreign and domestic threats. Life was simpler. People loved their country. Churches were full of people every Sunday. Our cities were cleaner. Our fields produced abundant crops. Celebrities, professional athletes, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue advertisers respected traditional values. Christianity was venerated.Father, our society looks nothing like that now. Our society has become corrupt, immoral, decadent, and godless. We feel unsafe and insecure. Life has become confusing and chaotic. Faith is disappearing. We need revival. Turn this land back to You. Restore to our society all that was good in the past. Father, I believe You are hearing this prayer from countless believers across America. However, I also believe You may be ignoring many of these prayers. You have made it clear in Your Word that You long to revive nations and shower them with blessings - if the people confess their sins and repent. Father, many believers still live as though they are their own gods. They still doubt Your character. They still worship other things more than You (money, career success, retirement, etc.,). They still refuse to love You with all their heart, soul, and mind. As evidence, they refuse to share their testimonies with non-believers. They refuse to volunteer to help the neediest in our local communities. They don't want to be bothered. Father, revival in our land begins with Your people confessing their rebellion and repenting, surrendering their lives to You. Father, today I will do just that. Forgive me of my rebellion from You and make me an agent of revival in this land by making me a believer who loves You and loves my neighbor. Amen.

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