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#97 - Fear of the Future Shows Our Rebellious Hearts
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I fear for my country tonight because of those who are in political power. My fear proves I am guilty of rebellion. Doubting You is disobedience. You have told us to trust in You in all circumstances. You have told us You are the sovereign God. You are in control. You put men and women in office and You take them out of office. In other words, those who are in political office are appointed by You for Your purposes. They may do good things in office as a blessing to us. They may do terrible things in office so that we go to our knees and repent of the rebellion in our lives. In either case, You are in control. Why do I fear? I fear because I have rebelled against You and I doubt You. Father, You know what is right. You are just. You are compassionate. Your wrath is restrained. There will be clearing after the storms You bring. Father, forgive me for doubting Your sovereign and loving control. Help me to have peace in my heart about the future, no matter how many storm clouds gather on the horizon. Amen.

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