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#98 - Immaturity
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we come out of the womb believing that we are at the center of the universe. The world revolves around us. The world caters to our whims and fancies. When the world does not treat us toddlers as the center of the universe, we have temper tantrums. Father, maturation is the process of us learning that we are not god and that You are. We are somewhere on the line between believing we are god on one end and believing only You are on the other. As we examine our hearts and we see that we are doing things our own way, doubting You, and worshipping other gods, we will certainly find evidence of immaturity in our lives. When we run wild in a mob, acting and speaking without discretion, destroying property, and hurting innocent bystanders, we are having a childish temper tantrum. It is rebellion on steroids. A mature man or woman of God simply does not act out-of-control. Father, help me surrender to You. Help me to live the truth that You are the only God. When I live that way, I will act maturely in the eyes of my family, friends, and neighbors. Amen.

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