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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
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#99 - Opinion Without Research
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, every human being has an opinion. We will argue about politics, religion, morality, sports, health, entertainment, science, law, culture, or any number of other topics. We know we are right. We take offense to anyone who disagrees with us. We consider those who disagree with us to be idiots. However, the truth is we often have opinions that are not based on facts. Our opinions have not been derived from careful and exhaustive research. We simply believe what we believe because our beliefs are convenient. They give us license to live our lives the way we want to. If we research to discover the truth about a topic, the findings may require us to change our lifestyle, something we don't want to do. We often believe what we believe because the people around us believe these things and we want to be accepted by the communities we live in. Father, without facts to gird our beliefs, we know our beliefs cannot stand the scrutiny of examination. Therefore, we silence and insult any who would challenge us before they have the chance to shake our belief systems. Father, we are intellectually lazy. I believe we do this because we believe ourselves to be our own little gods. A god knows everything and has all wisdom. If we admit we lack understanding, we are admitting we lack omniscience and, therefore, we are not god. The extent that we fail to seek out and analyze facts, seeking the truth, is indicative of the state of our rebellious hearts. An uninformed mind is a mind who can live in a fantasy of self-deification. The more we explore and investigate this world, the more aware we become of our own limitations. Father, forgive me of my rebellion. Help me to desire to become informed. Help me to base my opinions on careful research and analysis. Help me to discover the truth in all areas of life. Guide my research and my analysis, leading me to the truth. Amen.

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