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#609 - We Are Newlyweds
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, the wedding and the honeymoon are both over. My spouse and I are now settling into life as husband and wife. We share a home together. We share the chores, the food, and the finances together. - We sleep in the same bed together, free to enjoy the physical expression of love any time we desire. - We share our daily lives, both the good and the bad. Our problems as individuals have now become problems for both of us. - We are now under the authority of our pledges to lifelong commitment and devotion. There is now no end to this marriage without great pain and suffering. - We are learning each other's idiosyncrasies, some endearing and others annoying. - We are experiencing what each other is like in sickness and sorrow, worry and anxiety. Father, in other words, we are learning what unconditional love means. No matter who I discover my spouse to be, I am to choose to love them for the rest of my life. Marriage vows are not mere words of fluff that must be said by a pastor in the wedding. Our vows were signed contracts that You stamped with Your seal in heaven. We are now bound to each other no matter how difficult this marriage might become. We are bound to each other to give our children a safe and secure home. Father, we come before You and we confess our rebellion and surrender our lives to You. We want to walk in obedience to You each day. We don't want a day to go by without the two of us enjoying prayer and the study of Your Word. We want to resolve every conflict between us with maturity, grace, kindness, mercy, and generosity. Father, honor yourself for decades to come through our marriage. Amen.

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