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#308 - I'm Having Difficulty with an Employee
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I'm so ready to fire my employee. I've had enough. Their work is poor, causing problems with customers. They alienate their coworkers. They are often absent. They fool around instead of doing their work. They are chatty, gossiping about others. Moreover, they smell. When is the last time they took a bath? However, I can't fire him or her. To tell the truth, I believe You are asking me to keep them on the payroll. I believe You are asking me to learn what true Christ-like love is. It is unconditional. It is persevering. It never quits. It doesn't keep a record of wrongs. In other words, I have a job assignment from You: "Don't give up on this person because I haven't given up on them either." Father, I understand that this bad employee is a lesson for me in patience. I understand I'm to seek Your wisdom and find a way to make a break through. There is a reason this employee is acting like this. A childhood trauma? A dysfunctional family? Abuse? Parental abandonment? Father, I believe You are calling me to find out what is the secret behind their behavior. I believe You are calling me to lovingly speak into whatever that trauma was. I am to encourage them with the love of Jesus Christ. I am to encourage them to surrender their lives to You. I'm to share my own story of brokenness. Father, if they reject my acts of compassion, I believe You are giving me the green light to fire them. However, if they respond with interest to what You have for me to share with them, I know I'm to keep them on the team. I will mentor them through a spiritual transformation that will improve their performance at work. Father, help me. Amen.

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