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#309 - I'm Having Difficulty with a Client
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have a difficult client that I must do business with. He or she sends us more business each year than any other customer. However, they are without a doubt the most difficult person I've ever had to deal with. They are pompous and arrogant. They act like they are a little god. The world revolves around them and they expect our business to do whatever they want whenever they want it. They can be malicious, delighting in making our lives miserable. It brings a smile to their face. They are know-it-alls, ready to debate and argue over every detail of every order. Moreover, they expect us to perform miracles but won't pay a dime extra for it. Father, I understand - this person is in my life because You are challenging me to be like Your Son, Jesus Christ. I'm to love this person who is so unlovable. I'm to give them my best. However, I also believe the lesson here for me is that this person is modeling what we humans are like when we think we are our own gods. It is not a pretty sight. Father, am I like this at all? Forgive me of my rebellion from You. Forgive me for doubting You. Forgive me for worshipping other things. Forgive me because Jesus Christ died on the cross for my rebellion. Help me to surrender my life to You. Transform my heart and soul through the work of Your Holy Spirit so that I will have the incredible capacity to love this person. Father, I ask You to help me communicate effectively with them. Help me to get all our agreed upon terms into a signed contract. Help me to document every step we take for them. Help me to ask them how else we can serve them. Help me to ask them about their personal lives. Help me to spend more, not less, face-to-face time with them so that they can see the love of Christ in me. Amen.

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