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#323 - Saving for the Future
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, wisdom and common sense have been shouting for a long time that people should save for the future. Father, this certainly seems to be good advice. What financial advisor would discourage saving? When we build a tower, it is wise to count the costs in advance and then set money aside for the project. Where will money for college or retirement come from if the money has not been saved in advance? However, Your Word also cautions us about saving our riches at the cost of denying generosity to people in need. Your Word also celebrates the widow who gave her very last coin to You. She trusted You with her entire financial future, an act of humongous faith that Jesus said people will be talking about till the end of time. Father, there must be a line somewhere. If we fall short of the line, we have not wisely saved enough money for the future. If we cross over the line, we have not given enough money to Your ministry and to people in need. I don't know where that line is. How much money do You want me to set aside for the future? How much money should I give away (to whom)? How much should I be trusting in You for my future financial needs? After all, Jesus did not own property. His daily provisions were met by prayer and not an RV stocked with food. Father, I don't know the answer to these questions. What I do know is that I want to get this saving-generosity ratio right. I'm inquiring of the Lord. Show me what You want me to do. Give me numbers. Help me to save what You want me to save and help me give away that which You want me to give away. Amen.

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