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#364 - I Raped Someone
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I feel dirty. I feel disgusting. I feel like an animal. I know I am hated. I know people want me to be tortured in the most painful of ways. I hate myself. I raped someone. Father, my victim was an innocent child. My victim was a young lady who was so full of innocence. My victim was a woman who was searching for genuine love and they found a monster. Father, I did more than to violate them physically. I took away their innocence, perhaps their childhood, and that can never be returned to them. I took away their perception that their sexuality is beautiful, something to be shared with a loving man. I put a weight on their back that will be hard for them to lose - the weight that, somehow, they deserved to be raped. I made them someone who others are leery to be around. Father, in many ways, I took their life. I ask for You to hear my prayer for the sake of the victim. Please heal them. Please help them recover. Restore their innocence. Remove their scars. Restore their desire for a Christ-centered physical love. Please help them know they were not guilty for this. It was my fault - not theirs. Please draw them to You so that they have a close relationship with You. Please fill their heart with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Please shower them with blessing after blessing. Father, forgive me. Help me surrender to You. I want everyone to know that You can transform even a rapist. I want men out there who are inclined to rape a woman to hear my message and to stop before it is too late. Father, there is complete healing in Christ. Thank You that I can be forgiven and clean because of Him. However, I ask that as long as my victim is suffering that I will feel the weight of my crime. Free her and then free me. Free her from the pain of what I did. Amen.

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