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#365 - I Physically or Emotionally Abused a Child
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I hear You. You are angry. You are the defender of the innocent. You defend any individual who is taken advantage of by others. There will be an accounting before You for abusive behavior. Your wrath will be expressed in this life or at the judgment. No one will get away with abusing the innocent. Either the abuser pays the price himself or herself or Jesus Christ paid the price for a truly repentant abuser who places their faith in Him. Someone will pay for the abuse of the innocent. Father, I confess. I abused a child, the ultimate in innocence. Please forgive me in the name of Your Son, Jesus. Father, the child needs loving adults who can be trusted. They need loving adults who will teach them wisdom. They need loving adults who will teach them Your ways. A child trusts that an adult will protect and provide. A child learns about Your love for them from how adults treat them. This is not just about the victim and me. This is also about You. By abusing a child, I have tarnished Your name in the child's eyes. Father, I can feel the heat of Your wrath. I am guilty. I ask for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ. I will change my ways. I surrender my life to You. Bring into my life the Holy Spirit and have Him remodel my heart from inside to outside. Here are the keys to my heart. Have the Holy Spirit move in and change me. I want to be loving, kind, gracious, merciful, generous, self-controlled, compassionate, patient, and gentle. Father, please heal the emotional and physical wounds of this child. Please attend to his or her every need. Father, I have earned the wrath of the child's loved ones and the authorities. All I ask is that all will see my transformation before their eyes. Help my story encourage others to stop abusing the children in their life. Amen.

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