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#605 - My Child is a Juvenile Delinquent
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my child is in juvenile detention. They committed a crime and they are under the age of eighteen. Please save them from a life of crime before it is too late. Please lead them to confess and repent of their rebellion from You that they may find the strength to live a godly life as a good citizen. Father, I am embarrassed and ashamed. I didn't raise my child to commit a crime. However, they did and now I need to be loving, compassionate, merciful, and kind. I can only do that by humbling myself and surrendering my life to You. Forgive me of my sin. Forgive me of failures that I had as a parent, including lack of discipline and supervision. Help me to change. Help my child to see that change. Father, please help me to afford the court costs. May the juvenile detention system scare them into changing their ways. May my child feel a sense of honor and a desire to make things right with his or her parents. While they are in a detention center, keep them from gangs. Keep them from drugs. Help them to learn how to make better decisions. Help them to understand there are consequences to poor decisions. Help them to find legitimate ways to earn a living. Father, I ask that the clanking of a steal prison door will awaken a desire within them to live an honorable life. Amen.

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