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#624 - Facebook Posts Are Misleading
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my friends post on Facebook. Smiley photos with friends and family. A beautiful location. Fun times. They post about their big houses, amazing spouses, great jobs, darling children, and cute pets. We tend to respond with jealousy. Our lives don't measure up to the lives of our friends on Facebook. We get depressed. Sadness washes over us. Tears flow. We are in pain, rushing off to the bottle, the street corner drug dealer, the friend with the big shoulder, or the glass container we smash against the wall. All because of our misconceptions. In truth, our Facebook friends may have miserable lives. They have sleepless nights. They are dealing with a breakdown of their marriage. They may be facing a serious legal issue at work. They may be in financial crisis. They may have an addiction that is ruining their life. They may have estranged relationships with their children. However, they hide it all by posting photos on Facebook that suggest their lives are wonderful. Father, we have a habit of looking at photographs of the better lives of other people and submitting those photos as evidence against You. You treat other people better than You treat us. However, You see the photos our friends don't post on Facebook. You see the photos of the screaming and the tears. You see the photos of slammed doors and broken china. You have boxes of photos to prove that other people's lives are not better than ours. Father, help me to not be deceived by the photos my Facebook friends post. I hope their lives truly are wonderful. However, they may not be. May I be compassionate, gentle, loving, and gracious to them as though things are not well with their soul, just in case they have hidden heartaches. May I tell them God loves them. May I ask them privately how they are doing. Father, I need to be thankful and grateful for all the good things You have given me in my life. When I post happy photos on Facebook, may I give You the credit for what I am enjoying. However, I'm going to have Facebook friends who are experiencing misery in their lives. May I be sensitive to their needs. May I share my story on Facebook that things weren't always so great for me but how You have delivered me from trials and tribulations. Father, don't let me hide behind photos on Facebook. Let my postings reflect what You have done in my life. Amen.

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