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#625 - I Need to Unfriend Someone on Facebook
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have friended someone on Facebook whose posts are not good. Their posts are mean-spirited. They post about activities that can be considered either decadent or juvenile. In short, their posts are offensive to me. For the sake of my emotional and spiritual health, I need to unfriend them. It is an easy step to take electronically but it is a more difficult step to take spiritually. Father, their posts make me aware of their spiritual needs. Their posts reveal their broken and lost heart. Their posts are a cry out for help, even if they don't understand that. Is unfriending them like walking past a homeless person on the street? Your Word doesn't speak about Facebook or any other 21st century online community. My friends on Facebook may not be my friends at all. However, they are connections with real people who need You. I need the grace and perseverance to put up with their posts so that I can pray for them. I private Facebook message them and express compassion and interest in their well-being. Father, once I friend someone on Facebook, I've agreed to a spiritual contract. You are the God who never gives up on us, even after we've been offensive to You. If I am to emulate you, shouldn't I never give up on a Facebook friend? Father, please give me wisdom about this friend and about how I should use Facebook in general. Amen.

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