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#626 - My LinkedIn Connections
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have LinkedIn connections. Unlike Facebook, where my friends share about their families, their interests, their friends, and their opinions, LinkedIn is a place where my connections want to advance their business interests. Each of my connections in this online community would like my help connecting them with those who will do business with them. They would like me to recommend them. They would like me to tell others about their skills. Father, I'm not saying that if Jesus were walking the earth in the 21st century He would have a LinkedIn account. However, if He did, I know He would use that account to love others. Help me to use LinkedIn to promote the business interests of others. Inspire me to give them truthful and complimentary recommendations. Help me to connect my connections with people who I believe will advance their business interests. Help me to promote their skills and expertise. Father, make my involvement with LinkedIn about the advancement of other people's goals. I know I am to do unto others as I would want done for me. I am confident that I will be rewarded for such an approach. People will like the way I do business promoting others. May my social media involvement be about caring for the needs of others and not about myself. Amen.

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