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#693 - I've Been Asked to Mediate
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, two or more people are having a conflict. They cannot work out a resolution. I have been asked to mediate, to help them resolve their differences and restore their relationship. Father, I need You. I need the fruits of the Holy Spirit, such as patience, self-control, kindness, and gentleness. I cannot become a party to the conflict, allowing my own feelings to be hurt. Therefore, I need to surrender my life to You. Forgive me of my rebellion. Father, I am inquiring of You. - I need to know the facts. - I need to know their individual motivations, values, beliefs, and perspectives. - I need to know the context of the things going on in their lives. - I need to know the history of their relationship. - I need to know Your Word and how it applies to their conflict. - I need to know the state of their relationship with You. Is either one of them living in rebellion from you, thinking they are the center of the universe? If so, resolution will be very difficult. It will be impossible. Father, help me to take this role seriously. Help me to expect both parties to take my role seriously. Help me to call both parties to unity in Christ. If both will not surrender to You, help me to resign from a situation that cannot be resolved. Amen.

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