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#694 - I Was Treated Kindly by Someone Else
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, thank You. I was the recipient of a wonderful act of kindness done by someone today. It was totally unexpected and a delight in my day. It uplifted my spirit. It gave me strength. It eased my load. It warmed my heart. Father, this is what You have in mind for humans. Eight billion people showing acts of kindness to one another throughout the day. The blessings on our society would be huge. However, before I buy a "be kind to people" bumper sticker for my car, I must remember a sobering reality - people are naturally self-centered. Acts of kindness are so striking because they are the exception instead of the rule. Most of us are simply too busy or too consumed with our own struggles to notice someone needs an act of kindness. Why give to others that which we aren't receiving ourselves? Father, our reservoir of kind deeds is filled by us surrendering our lives to You. The more we feel at peace because we have You managing our affairs, the more we will notice the needs of others. Help me to be alert to the needs of the people around me. Give me the capacity to give to others when I may feel empty myself. Father, touch lives by using me as an instrument of kindness. I want to enjoy feeling good about giving to others. Bless this person who was so kind to me today. Meet their every need and fill their hearts with Your love and comfort. Amen.

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