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#27 - Assurance of Salvation - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I understand that I can never be good enough to earn my way into heaven. Father, thinking of a metaphor, once an individual has had sexual relations, they are no longer a virgin. Similarly, once I rebelled from You I could no longer claim to be innocent. I cannot go back in time and erase my act of rebellion. I cannot wish it away or deny it, no matter how much I obey You from this point forward. You can only have those in Your presence who have never rebelled. It is about Your holiness, a holiness that we humans cannot fathom. Your Son Jesus Christ lived the perfect life I never lived. He never rebelled from You. He went to the cross specifically to take on the wrath I deserved for my rebellion. If I believe He did this for me, the record of my rebellion from You is gone. Jesus Christ will stand before You as my defense, telling You that I never rebelled from You at all. Father, thank You for what Christ did on my behalf. I cannot erase the record of my rebellion without Him. Amen.

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