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#29 - Assurance of Salvation - Part 3
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I'm worried that I am not saved. I understand how unworthy I am. I cannot possibly do anything to earn my way to heaven. I also understand that I am a rebel. I understand that I deserve eternal punishment because I dared to rebel from God. Father, I mourn the fact that I am a rebel. I mourn the fact that I sin against You. Who do I think I am that I ever dared to sin against You? Father, I believe that only Jesus Christ is worthy to forgive my rebellion. I believe He paid the penalty for my rebellion by dying on the cross. Even though I believe all these things, I'm still worried that I am not saved. Father, thank You for Your comfort. The rebellious unrepentant heart does not believe these things. If I believe them, I have repented of my rebellion. The Holy Spirit is obviously at work in my heart. He wouldn't be active if I had not confessed and repented of my rebellious heart. Father, thank You that I know I am forgiven because I now see my life as You do. Amen.

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