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#379 - Visiting the Ocean
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am in awe of the ocean. There are an estimated 320 million cubic miles of seawater and the average depth of the ocean is over 12,000 feet. There are over 230,000 known species living under the surface. Father, is there a more terrifying place to be than in a storm at sea? Mere mortals beg for mercy when 50-foot-high waves wash over the deck of a ship for hours and hours. Father, the ocean is a metaphor of the difference between You and us. You are the vast and powerful ocean. We stand at the shore and challenge the ocean to a fight. Mortals are insane. How dare we rebel against You? How dare we defy Your authority? How dare we challenge You? Father, how insulting to an almighty God that people consider You a pushover. Sin and rebellion are no big deal. We think we will talk You out of anything on judgment day. You aren't strong enough to take a stand against us. Our cleverness to generate excuses for our life on earth will leave You stammering. Father, thank You for the metaphor of the ocean. You are the almighty God to be feared. May I confess and repent of my rebellion this very hour. If not, I may need to be humbled, lost at sea by a storm in my life. Amen.

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