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#380 - Visiting the River
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am floating down a river, taken by the current wherever it may lead. I thank You for the beautiful woods, trees, fields, and hills along the meandering flow. It is like my life. I am on a ride, directed by time and circumstance. I might like to think that I control things. However, it is an illusion. I can attempt to swim against the current but I can only do so for a brief period. I will get exhausted fighting the inevitable and I will end up floating downstream again. Where does my life lead? To the ocean, a metaphor for You. Each mile of the river is a season of life. There is a turn or a bend, changing my direction for a moment, but inevitably I end up at the river's end. Father, I cannot change the destiny of my life any more than I can change the course of a mighty river. I will one day meet You face to face. Time and circumstance all flow to that inescapable moment when we will appear in Your court to give an accounting of our life. Father, I ask that Jesus Christ will stand in for me. May He be my defense, pardoning me because He died on the cross on my behalf. I need to ask Him to do that for me. Father, I confess my rebellion and my need for Christ to have paid the penalty for my rebellion. Forgive me in the name of Him who will represent me when the river of my life ends at the ocean of God. Amen.

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