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#57 - Prayers for the Unsaved
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, when we pray to You we know that You can do all things. Nothing is impossible for You. However, You have policies about how You are going to answer prayers. For example, You are never going to answer a prayer in a manner that contradicts Your Word. In addition, You are not going to force anyone to obey You. If that were true, there would be no point to the Bible or to the story of Jesus Christ. You could have forced every human being to obey You throughout history. Father, we don't want a friend who is forced to be a friend. We want a friend who chooses to be our friend. It is their choice to enjoy our company that makes them special to us. Father, we often pray that someone we love will come to faith in Jesus Christ. We pray that they will love and obey You. However, that person never changes. They continue to reject You. Why didn't You answer our prayers? It's simple - You are not going to force anyone to obey You. You give people the free choice to accept or reject You. You want people to choose to love You. However, I know You love my prayer request about my loved one. I know You love my loved one more than I do. I believe You will move heaven and earth to put that person into a place where they are most likely to surrender their life to You. Father, that is what I want You to do for all my friends and family who don't know You. Do everything You can to put them into a place where a decision to choose Your Son Jesus Christ as their Savior looks emotionally appealing, spiritually fulfilling, and logical. Amen.

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