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#58 - Help Me Ask for What I Need
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I cannot make the rain fall. I cannot direct a tornado away from my neighborhood. I cannot make the flood waters recede. I cannot make friends and family do everything I want them to. I cannot buy the things I need without money and I can't get that money without the cooperation of other people. I cannot escape the power the government has in my life. I cannot make my neighbors live at peace in my community. Father, I am not You. You alone are God. I am completely dependent upon You, whether I like to acknowledge that or not. You provide me with the things I need. You protect me from the things that will hurt me. Where would I be without You? Homeless. Penniless. Friendless. Hungry. Thirsty. However, I don't ask You for the things I need. For whatever reason, I assume these things will come to me by a stroke of luck or statistical anomaly. It is arrogant to assume I will have the things I need without ever asking You for them. It is the denial that You are God. I presume that there is a god of chance out there who watches over me and by the roll of a dice meets my needs. Father, failing to ask You for the things I need is just another way I show my rebellious heart. Asking You for the things I need is an act of submission and worship. Father, everything that I need comes from You. I need help, deliverance, provision, and protection. Father, I need to also understand that You may bring deliverance to me through others. Father, help me to ask for help and thereby proclaim You are God and I am not. Amen.

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