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#616 - Our Child is Engaged
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, our child is engaged. Wow. He or she is so happy. I love seeing the joy on their face. I love seeing the twinkle in their eyes. They are beaming with delight. I could cry. As a parent, we live for seeing our children feeling so wonderful. However, as excited as I am, this is certainly a time to come before You in sober prayer. - Are they emotionally and spiritually mature enough to handle marriage? - How will their relationship handle differences of opinion? How will their relationship handle those petty annoyances that can cause conflict in a relationship? What will happen on those days when their spouse doesn't seem attractive or fun to be with? Will they both be faithful? Do they understand that love is a choice, a choice to love devotion even more than the other person? Do they understand that true love is unconditional, that no matter what happens they are to keep loving each other? - What will happen when the inevitable adversity and hardship come into their marriage? Will either of them run away? - Do they understand that they are essentially pledging to be godly parents till their last breath? - Do they understand that their marriage is intended to be an illustration of the love of Jesus Christ for His church? The ring is beautiful. There are exciting plans to put together. Yes, I know the happily-ever-after thing. However, half of all marriages end up in divorce and many marriages that don't end up in divorce are miserable. Getting engaged is serious business. Father, help my child to understand that the only way for a marriage to blossom is when it is Christ-centered. Both people must surrender their lives to You. It is only from that place that they will have the fruits of the Holy Spirit required to make the marriage work. Drive this point home in both of their hearts today. Amen.

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