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#166 - I Have a Gambling Problem - Part 4
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am impatient. I want things now. Not later. Not at the right moment. Not at a good time. Not when things are ready. Not when things are appropriate. I want them now. The secret to having everything I want now is to have an incredible amount of money in my bank account. I will be able to buy anything I want. Therefore, I gamble with the hope of the big score, the day I win the lottery. Father, money is my god. I am my own god. What is the price to pay for this rebellion? Financial chaos (gambling the paycheck and I'm unable to pay the mortgage). Dysfunctional relationships (explaining to my spouse and children I gambled the paycheck and can't pay the mortgage). Depression (knowing I was foolish enough to gamble the paycheck and now I can't pay the mortgage). Health problems (palpitations and high blood pressure from the worry I now have that I can't pay the mortgage). Father, I can't go to my employer and ask for more money (to pay the mortgage). I can't go to friends or family or my church. They are on to my gambling and won't help me dig a deeper hole. The only choice I have is to place an even riskier bet, hoping for an even greater payoff (to afford my mortgage). Gambling spires out of control. Father, I need You to be the God of my life. Chance and payoff cannot be on the throne of my life one day more. You need to be. You will provide everything I need. However, I must first confess my rebellion from You. I must ask that what Jesus Christ did on the cross paid for my rebellion. I must then surrender my life. At that point, You will work in my life and rescue me from my gambling addiction. I will be compensated for hard work so I can pay the mortgage each month. Amen.

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