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#167 - I Have a Hoarding Problem
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have a hoarding problem. Boxes in the Livingroom. Boxes in the dining room. Boxes in the bedroom. Boxes in the basement. John, are You in the room? Yes, I'm sitting in the chair behind the boxes. Could You stand up so I can see You? Sure, how's this? Oh, nice to see Your face. Father, each of these boxes are packed and stored in case I need them someday. What if I need that gift-wrapping paper again? What if a basketball team comes over for dinner and we will need those extra bowls? What if I will need those receipts from 1973? I have a box of diapers just in case I'm invited to a baby shower. Father, there is something wrong in the core of my heart. I need to be prepared in case something goes wrong. I surround myself with everything I will ever need. I do not need to depend upon You. If I could put future friendship and companionship into a box, I would tuck that under the coffee table. I think there's a spot. Father, You are the true living God. You can be trusted to provide whatever I need whenever I need it. Jesus Christ walked this earth without possessions. He had no home. Total dependability on God 24/7. The opposite of that total dependency upon You is hoarding, the total dependency upon possessions. Father, my hoarding is all about my doubt in You. I don't trust either Your character or Your ability to meet my needs. Because You can't handle things, I need to. It is rebellion. Father, forgive me of my sin. May I surrender my future needs to You. May I live each day knowing that You will provide even if the house is empty of boxes. Amen.

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