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#256 - My Commute
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, here I go again. Another commute to work. Am I going to take for granted that today will go well like every other day? Or am I going to acknowledge I depend on You for my safety each day? I ask that You protect me as I drive. Protect me from careless drivers. Protect me from hazardous road conditions. I pray the car will not breakdown. I pray that the time alone in the car will build my character. How can that happen? I can pray. I can listen to a sermon on the radio. I can think about my life and how You have been good to me. I can think about how I can be more obedient to You. I can think about how I can be more loving to others. I can also call someone I haven't spoken to in a while and encourage them. Father, help me to make this commute profitable for my spiritual growth. Oh, and if someone cuts me off on the road, help me to laugh it off and not take it personally. Amen.

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