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#32 - You Don't Want to Punish Me
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we read Your Word and we accuse You of being the God who loves to punish. We view You as the God who scans our lives looking for the smallest infraction. You throw the flag, make the call, penalize us, and then smile. If You were at a birthday party, You would pop every balloon and then bring in a little storm just to ruin everything. Father, this is a lie. It is a lie from the evil one. It is incredibly absurd because the exact opposite is true. You don't want to punish anybody. Father, You want to bless individuals, families, organizations, communities, and nations... every day, every time. I believe the story of Your interaction with humans is this: "Would You stop rebelling against me so I can bless You? I just want to bless You." Father, You discipline us not because You enjoy it. You discipline us because we are disobedient. If we did not disobey You, You would not discipline us. However, we want You to be Santa Claus, a kindly grandfather. No matter what we do to rebel against You, You are supposed to be nice and give us whatever we want. Forgive me for complaining about Your discipline in my life. If You decide to discipline me, I deserve it. I am a rebel. I often make a mess of my life but blame You. I ask for forgiveness of that. My life often is impacted by the evil of other people. I can't blame You for that. Oh, and that rain at the birthday party? Farmers nearby were begging You to send rain for their crops. Is it Your fault You were generous and kind to them? No. Father, You are a good, kind, loving, generous, merciful, and compassionate God who wishes people like me would stop rebelling from You so You can bless us amazingly. Amen.

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