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#349 - I Was Arrested
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I was arrested. If I am truly guilty, You may have orchestrated the arrest. You may have arrested me to rescue me from a rebellious lifestyle. This arrest may be spiritual in nature; a wakeup call from You about the state of my relationship with You. Father, it was humiliating. Flashing lights. Handcuffs. Miranda rights. A search of my person. People looking on, including neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family. I was booked at the police station. My property was confiscated. Fingerprinted. Photographed. It was a very painful phone call, asking a family member to arrange bail and to get an attorney. I was held in jail for up to 72 hours, waiting for my arraignment. The charges were read to me. I pleaded innocence. The judge decided that my previous record made me a flight risk and I was denied bail. I sat through a preliminary hearing where the evidence was reviewed. I declined a plea bargain - I don't want to go to jail at all. I experienced prison life as I waited for the trial. Father, I prayed for the jury to exonerate me. They didn't. I was convicted. The judge, upon hearing my life story of being abused as a child, was merciful to me, sentencing me concurrently, reducing the time, and making probation available in the future. Father, I am now in prison. However, I can be set spiritually free. I can confess I've tried to be my own god. I've doubted You. I've worshiped other gods. I ask that Jesus Christ death on the cross paid the price for my rebellion. I surrender my life to You. I am now spiritually free inside of prison. Father, may I one day return to society a new man or woman, sharing a testimony of transformation and inspiring others to not make the decisions I have made in life. Thank You for arresting me. I needed it. Amen.

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